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RMAGUDA’s MAR [15-10]:My Most Difficult Patient

MEDICAL ANECDOTAL REPORTIndexing Title: RMAGUDA’s MAR [15-10] MAR Title: My Most Difficult Patient Date of Medical Observation: November 2015 Tag: Realizations in training brought about my management of a difficult patient Category: Professional/Ethical-Reinforcement Narration:         I am already nearing the … Continue reading

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PJCGAGNO’S MAR [15-08]:The Doctor and His ‘Ipad’

Index Title: PJCGAGNO’S MAR [15-08] MAR Title: The Doctor and His ‘Ipad’ Period of Observation: Aug 2015 Tag: The role of mobile phone device applications in clinical practice Category: Professional/Ethical-Reinforcement   NARRATION:   I was at the out-patient department when … Continue reading

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A Successful Patient Transfer

MEDICAL ANECDOTAL REPORT Indexing Title: MESANICO’S MAR [15-04] MAR Title: A Successful Patient Transfer Date of Medical Observation: October 2015 Tag: Patient’s recovery after being transferred to a different institution Category: Professional / Ethical – Reinforcement   Narration: About 6 … Continue reading

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LBBERSAMIN’S MAR [15-09]:The Operative Dialogue of a Surgeon

Medical Anecdotal ReportIndexing Title: LBBERSAMIN’S MAR [15-09]MAR Title: The Operative Dialogue of a Surgeon Date of Medical Observation: October 2015Tag: Understanding the importance of the pre-operative and post-operative dialogue with the patient and relatives Category: Professional/Ethical – Reinforcement   NARRATION: We … Continue reading

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MBVELEZ’S MAR [15-10]: Learning from a Mistake

Medical Anecdotal ReportIndexing Title: MBVELEZ’S MAR [15-10]MAR Title: Learning From a Mistake Date of Medical Observation: September 2015Tag: Mistake: never should be a limit but a part of a learning process Category: Professional/Ethical – Reinforcement   NARRATION:   There was … Continue reading

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SSSFELICIANO’S MAR [15-10]: Balance of Positive and Negative Thoughts

MEDICAL ANECDOTAL REPORT Indexing Title: SSSFELICIANO’S MAR [15-10]MAR Title: Balance of Positive and Negative Thoughts Date of Medical Observation: October  2015Tag: A good balance between positive and negative outlook for proper judgment on patient managementCategory: Professional/Ethical-Reinforcement Narration: Since I started … Continue reading

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DMCRUZ’S MAR [15-10]:“Boss, thank you po”

MEDICAL ANECDOTAL REPORT Indexing Title: DMCRUZ’S MAR [15-10] MAR Title: “Boss, thank you po” Date of Medical Observation: November 2015 Tag: Admiring the skills and qualities of our outgoing Chief Resident Category: Professional/ Ethical – Reinforcement Narration: It was the … Continue reading

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