AALVEZ’S MAR [15-10]:A “Smoke-free” Advice


Indexing Title: AALVEZ’S MAR [15-10]

MAR Title: A “Smoke-free” Advice

Date of Medical Observation: October 2015

Tag: Better Health after Smoking Cessation

Category: Professional/Ethical – Reinforcement


Just recently I attended a birthday gathering with my high school friends. This celebration has been a tradition for us every year that it actually feels more of a reunion rather than a birthday party. Gatherings like this usually involves a lot of eating and drinking.

During the party my phone rang and so I had to step outside for a while to take it. There I saw a friend smoking and eventually offering me a stick of cigarette. I politely declined telling him “Di na kasi ako naninigarilyo (I don’t smoke anymore)”.

My friend was surprised and said “Last year natatandaan ko lakas mong magyosi (I remembered from last year that you were a heavy smoker)”. I then replied to him saying “Oo, may isang taon na (Yes, it has been a year)”. He then started ranting how much he wanted and how many times he tried quit smoking but eventually giving up. He also started asking me “Di mo ba namimiss manigarilyo? May pagbabago ba? (Don’t you miss smoking? Are there any changes?)” I answered him “Nung una oo pero ngayon hindi na, at oo may nagbago! Di na ko masyado hinihingal masyado pag umaakyat ng hagdan at inaatake ng hika (At first I miss it but now I don’t. And yes, there are changes, I don’t experienced shortness of breath when climbing the stairs and my asthma attacks have been lessened)”.

Seeing my friend’s face impressed, I started convincing him to quit smoking. I told him there was nothing special on how I quit smoking, I just advised him to be determined and to remind himself every day to stop smoking.

Although he only gave me a smile as a vague reply, I feel like it’s a start.


(Physical, Professional/Ethical, Psychosocial)

(Discovery, Stimulus, Reinforcement)

To give up something that you’ve been used to for so long is really hard, but the thing is you always begin with a step forward. The journey has been tough and there were a lot of temptations but it’s only now that I’ve realized the benefit of quitting smoking.

As I have mention I seldom experience shortness of breath and my endurance for other physically challenging activities have increased. My asthma attacks have been less frequent and on top of that I’ve actually been able to save money to buy other stuff instead of spending it on cigarettes.

As health care providers our task is to promote a healthy lifestyle. More than the benefit I have for myself, my influence and my attitude towards saying to other people to quit smoking is more reliable and convincing. We should take good care of ourselves to be able to take good care of our patients. Furthermore, we should be able to set an example to how to live a healthy life. Although physically I may still be far from healthy, it is a start.

A lot can really change in a year and it is our choice if we want it to be negative or positive – like improving ourselves. It doesn’t matter when you want to change or how long it takes as long as you desire and you start taking action.

ROJoson’s Notes (15dec2):

Quit smoking. It is harmful to one’s health. Just quit. Just stop. Just refrain from smoking.

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