OPLIZASO’S MAR [15-10]: Keeping in mind the basics of a better patient care

Medical Anecdotal Report
Indexing Title: OPLIZASO’S MAR [15-10]
MAR Title: Keeping in mind the basics of a better patient care

Date of Medical Observation: November 2015
Tag: Providing patients comfort and assurance by observing the basics
Category: Professional/Ethical- Reinforcement


About a week ago, I was at the minor operating room doing minor surgery. I just finished my second operation, got a break while waiting for the next patient.  After a while,the nurse-in-charge approached me and said that the next patient was ready. He was a 34-year-old male who had a mass on his back. Form my history and physical examination,I assessed the patient to have a lipoma (a solid fatty mass,more probably with benign features) on his back. Before I started my surgery, I explained to him my assessment, my prognosis and the possible complications of the surgery.  As I was about to start, I noticed that my patient started to feel uncomfortable as he had episodes of blank stares and sweat flowing unto his face. I stopped and asked him of how he feel. He told me that he was worried about the complications of the operation and was afraid that the mass might be cancerous. I waited for about half a minute to calm him down, after which I proceeded with the minor surgery. The operation went well, and at the later part, I explained to my patient that the mass removed was lipoma and it was benign. I then gave him a smile.


(Physical, Psychosocial, Professional/Ethical) (Discovery, Stimulus, Reinforcement)

In every consults that we had, we get different reactions from our patients. It is imperative on our part to make the adjustments to every personalities to be able to treat our different patients well. Also, we must be equipped with the knowledge and skills to be able to offer our services good and manage our different patients well. In our world, our concerns must include of the patient’s possible inconvenience resulting from discomfort, pain during and after our surgery.  Every aforementioned concerns can lead to fear, anxiety, more so in patients who will be subjected to an operation/surgery.  All of these challenges us surgeons, how we should operate, how we do our pre-operative plan and last but not the least, our post-op care.  Our primary concern must be to keep a constant communication with the patient during the minor operation.  We should tell our patient our plan of the operation, probably comfort them by using comforting words or insert some conversation with the patient in order to distract him/her from a state of fear and/or anxiety.

ROJoson’s Notes (16jan6):

All efforts must be done by the surgeon to allay the fear and anxiety of patients who are about to undergo an operation.  Tactics will have to be adjusted to the different personality and mindset of patients.  However, basic strategies include comforting and compassionate communication and gestures of care.

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