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LBBERSAMIN’S MAR [15-07]:The Intake and Output

Medical Anecdotal ReportIndexing Title: LBBERSAMIN’S MAR [15-07]MAR Title: The Intake and Output Date of Medical Observation: August 2015Tag: My post-surgical intensive care training reflection and recommendation Category: Professional/Ethical– Reinforcement NARRATION It was the first post-operative day of my patient, a case … Continue reading

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AALVEZ’S MAR [15-07]:Realization of a Patient

MEDICAL ANECDOTAL REPORT Indexing Title: AALVEZ’S MAR [15-07] MAR Title: Realization of a Patient Date of Medical Observation: August 2015 Tag: Helping and Explaining the Consequences of a Patient’s Action Category: Professional/Ethical – Reinforcement NARRATION: One Sunday rainy evening, a … Continue reading

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MRMAULION’S MAR [15-10]:Preparing a Junior Resident to Seniorship

MEDICAL ANECDOTAL REPORT Indexing Title: MRMAULION’S MAR [15-10]MAR Title: Preparing a Junior Resident to Seniorship Date Of Medical Observation: November 1, 2015Tag: How to become a senior surgery residentCategory: Professional/Ethical/Reinforcement   NARRATION:   It was supposed to be a usual … Continue reading

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