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RAMOSA’S MAR [15-02]:Bridging Discord

MEDICAL ANECDOTAL REPORT Indexing Title: RAMOSA’S MAR [15-02]MAR Title: Bridging DiscordDate of Medical Observation: January 30, 2015Tag: Impact of Family in  a Patient’s Healthcare  Category:  Professional/Ethical, Reinforcement NARRATION: I thought it would be an uneventful ward duty when a patient … Continue reading

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PJCGAGNO’S MAR [15-02]:‘To Operate Or Not To Operate’

MEDICAL ANECDOTAL REPORTIndex Title: PJCGAGNO’S MAR [15-02]MAR Title: ‘To Operate Or Not To Operate’Period of Observation: February 2015Tag: Knowing when not to intervene in SurgeryCategory: Professional/Ethical-Reinforcement NARRATION: It is a routine event that I receive clearance forms of patients for … Continue reading

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MRMAULION’S MAR [15-02]: Strengthening My Faith Through a Patient’s Thoughtfulness

MEDICAL ANECDOTAL REPORT Indexing Title: MRMAULION’S MAR [15-02]MAR Title: Strengthening My Faith Through a Patient’s ThoughtfulnessDate Of Medical Observation: February 2015Tag: Strengthening my faith due to my encounter with my former patientCategory: Professional/Ethical/Reinforcement NARRATION: It was late in the afternoon … Continue reading

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SSSFELICIANO’S MAR [15-02]: Proper Operating Etiquette: Maintaining a Tactful Attitude while Operating

MEDICAL ANECDOTAL REPORT Indexing Title: SSSFELICIANO’S MAR [15-02]MAR Title: Proper Operating Etiquette: Maintaining a Tactful Attitude while OperatingDate of Medical Observation:  March 2014Tag: Every surgeon should be tactful even when operating to avoid patient complications Category: Professional/Ethical-Stimulus NARRATION: We admitted … Continue reading

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LBBERSAMIN’S MAR [15-03]:Looking Back and Moving Forward

Medical Anecdotal Report Indexing Title: LBBERSAMIN’S MAR [15-03] MAR Title: Looking Back and Moving Forward Date of Medical Observation: April 2015 Tag: Carrying complete practices from the lessons we learn from our patients Category: Professiona/Ethicall– Reinforcement NARRATION It was during … Continue reading

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SARANAY’S MAR [15-07]:The First Encounter: Establishing Rapport while Gaining Respect

MEDICAL ANECDOTAL REPORT Index Title: SARANAY’S MAR [15-07] MAR’s Title: The First Encounter: Establishing Rapport while Gaining Respect Date of Medical Observation: August 2015 Tag: When a physician seeks authority and rapport to patients Category: Professional-Ethical/ Reinforcement   NARRATION: I, … Continue reading

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MBVELEZ’S MAR [15-02]: A Hunger to Learn

Medical Anecdotal ReportIndexing Title: MBVELEZ’S MAR [15-02]MAR Title: A Hunger to Learn Date of Medical Observation: February 2015Tag: Treasuring the importance of learning from patients’ cases Category: Professional/Ethical – Reinforcement   NARRATION:   It was a fruitful Tuesday morning when … Continue reading

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