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RAMOSA’S MAR [15-07]:When a Physician’s Care becomes Personal

MEDICAL ANECDOTAL REPORTIndexing Title: RAMOSA’S MAR [15-07]MAR Title: When a Physician’s Care becomes PersonalDate of Medical Observation: June 2015Tag: Empathy in patient careCategory: Professional/Ethical, Stimulus Narration: It was my turn to man the Out Patient Department. I was expecting one of … Continue reading

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EBSALUTA’S MAR [15-06]:Eye Care Consult from a Colleague

Medical Anecdotal Report Indexing Title: EBSALUTA’S MAR [15-06] MAR Title: Eye Care Consult from a Colleague Date of Medical Observation: July 2015 Tag: The doctor as a patient Category: Professional/ Ethical-Reinforcement NARRATION: I was doing an elective herniotomy (An operation … Continue reading

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PJCGAGNO’S MAR [15-06]:Handling patients with dangerous weapon

MEDICAL ANECDOTAL REPORT Index Title: PJCGAGNO’S MAR [15-06] MAR Title: Safety First Period of Observation: June 2015 Tag: Handling patients with dangerous weapon Category: Professional/Ethical-Reinforcement NARRATION: It was a busy duty at the emergency room when a 54-year-old male, approximately … Continue reading

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MESANICO’S MAR [15-06]:The Difficulties in Securing Consent

MEDICAL ANECDOTAL REPORT Index Title: MESANICO’S MAR [15-06] MAR Title: The Difficulties in Securing Consent Date of Medical Observation: June 2015 Tag: Securing consent for a minor with no relatives Category: Professional / Ethical – Reinforcement NARRATION: A 16-year-old female … Continue reading

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RCABAD’S MAR [15-06]:Importance of Medico Legal Certificates

MEDICAL ANECDOTAL REPORT Index Title: RCABAD’S MAR [15-06] MAR Title: Importance of Medico-legal Certificates Date of Medical Observation: July 2015 Tag: Importance of proper documentation of Medico-legal certificates Category: Professional / Ethical – Reinforcement  NARRATION: Slacks, long-sleeved shirt, and a … Continue reading

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RMAGUDA’S MAR [15-06]:Appreciation of Our Resources but Accepting Our Limitation As Well

MEDICAL ANECDOTAL REPORT Indexing Title: RMAGUDA’S MAR [15-06] MAR Title: Appreciation of Our Resources but Accepting Our Limitation As Well Date of Medical Observation: June 2015 Tag:  Accepting the limitations that we have in providing surgical care for our patients Category: … Continue reading

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DMCRUZ’S MAR [15-07]:Social Capital as a Tool for Surgery

Medical Anecdotal Report Index Title: DMCRUZ’S MAR [15-07] MAR Title: Looking inside the recuperation process of a young amputee through his significant others and doctors Date of Medical Observation: JULY, 2015 Tag: Social Capital as a Tool for Surgery Category: Professional/Ethical … Continue reading

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