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RAMOSA’S MAR [15-04]:Fulfillment amidst toxicity

MEDICAL ANECDOTAL REPORT Indexing Title: RAMOSA’S MAR [15-04]MAR Title: Fulfillment amidst toxicityDate of Medical Observation: March 2015Tag:   Handling abundant workload positively Category:  Professional/Ethical, Reinforcement NARRATION: It was a busy day at the wards. It was the night before our elective … Continue reading

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RAMOSA’S MAR [15-05]:Reaching the Boiling Point

MEDICAL ANECDOTAL REPORT Indexing Title: RAMOSA’S MAR [15-05]MAR Title: Reaching the Boiling PointDate of Medical Observation: May 2015Tag:   Dealing with difficult patients effectively Category:  Professional/Ethical, Stimulus NARRATION: I was on duty at the emergency room when a 16-year-old male arrived … Continue reading

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PCOracion’s MAR [15-05]:The Dilemma with Patient Disclosure

Medical Anecdotal Report Indexing Title: PCOracion’s MAR [15-05] Title: The Dilemma with Patient Disclosure Date of Observation:  July 2015 Tag: Disclosure in patients that have been managed by another physician Category: Professional/Ethical – Reinforcement NARRATION: A 68-year-old female sought consult … Continue reading

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GPVILLANUEVA’S MAR [15-05]: The Last of My Bucks

MEDICAL ANECDOTAL REPORT Indexing Title: GPVILLANUEVA’S MAR [15-05] MAR Title: The Last of My Bucks Date of Medical Observation: June 2015 Tag: The reward of being a doctor Category: Professional/ Ethical – Reinforcement   NARRATION: As I was about to … Continue reading

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MESANICO’S MAR [15-05]:Observing Proper Patient Care

MEDICAL ANECDOTAL REPORT Indexing Title: MESANICO’S MAR [15-05] MAR Title: Observing Proper Patient Care Date of Medical Observation: May 2015 Tag: Patient Care Through Our Mentors’ Legacy Category: Professional / Ethical – Reinforcement             NARRATION: A 31-year-old female approached me … Continue reading

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DMCRUZ’S MAR [15-06]:To err is human: Redefining the attitude towards surgical complications

Medical Anecdotal Report Index Title: DMCRUZ’S MAR [15-06]MAR Title: To err is human: Redefining  the attitude towards surgical complications Date Of Medical Observation: June 2015Tag: Understanding the implication of surgical complications as a first year resident on training Category: Professional/Ethical … Continue reading

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AALVEZ’S MAR [15-03]:Written Communication

MEDICAL ANECDOTAL REPORT Indexing Title: AALVEZ’S MAR [15-03] MAR Title: Written Communication Date of Medical Observation: 2015 Tag: Making a prescription in a way a patient understand Category: Professional/Ethical – Reinforcement  NARRATION: It was 4AM in the morning. A 39-year-old … Continue reading

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