PJCGAGNO’S MAR [15-07]:Good Quality Care Renders Patient Referrals

Index Title: PJCGAGNO’S MAR [15-07]
MAR Title: Good Quality Care Renders Patient Referrals
Period of Observation: July 2015
Tag: Trust and good rapport gives good patient network through referrals
Category: Professional/Ethical-Reinforcement
One of the orthopedic surgery consultants referred his friend to me who had an anterior neck mass. He asked me to evaluate and assist his friend. I called the patient and asked him to come over at OMMC to assess and evaluate his condition. Just like any patient, I evaluated him, assisted him further on the needed laboratories to be done. Work-up revealed multiple colloid nodules. I facilitated his endocrine clearance and after being cleared, he was subsequently admitted to the hospital. I assisted the patient in preparation for surgery, including patient education and preparing the OR needs. Eventually, total thyroidectomy was done and the operation went well. He had an unremarkable stay in the wards and was ready to be sent home.
Before the discharge, I discussed to him his home instructions like post-operative medications to be taken, wound care and the need for follow up. After such, the patient immediately smiled and said “Salamat Doc” (Thank you so much, Doc), in a grateful manner. He added, “May kapatid po ako babae na may mga bukol din sa leeg. Sayo ko po gusto ipatingin at ipaopera kasi may tiwala po ako sa inyo. (I have a sister who has the same condition as mine and I wanted you to check her up because I trust you.) I gladly say: “Sige po papuntahin nyo lang po sa OPD para makita ko at ma-assist ko sya.” (Yes, just let her see me at the OPD and we will try to evaluate her.”)
I eventually saw the patient the next day and evaluated her to have multiple colloid nodules the same condition indeed as her brother. I informed and referred the patient to my seniors. Patient eventually, cleared and subsequently operated with Total Thyroidectomy without any complications and sent home. Before the discharge, patient came to me and personally thanked me for assisting her during her stay at the hospital.
(Physical, Psychosocial, Professional/Ethical)
(Stimulus, Discovery, Reinforcement)
I felt privilege when one of our consultants wanted to refer his friend to me. At first, I was surprised and nervous at the same time because he wanted me to evaluate his condition and that he might need some operation but the nervousness turned out to be good because at the back of my mind, he entrusted his friend into my hands. Nonetheless, this did not hinder me in providing good patient care to him, which I usually do in every patient that I see even if they were not referred by a consultant.
Building good rapport to patients is very important because patients will easily open up and become comfortable in every step in their treatment. As the case above, I guess and believe that I gave the patient good quality care. I believe that good communication is the key.
Every patient deserves a quality health care from whatever walks of life he or she came from. Even if my patient was not referred by a consultant or was not a thyroid-related case; I will still render the same quality of assistance just like any other patient. It is repeatedly instilled to us by this institution and by our training program to treat patients with equity. But most importantly, I vowed into a profession that render service unconditionally.
Trust is a fundamentally important aspect of any relationships, including doctor-patient relationships. Such cannot be imposed or dictated but earned through effective communication, patience, hard work, and adequate knowledge and competence as physician. We must not easily give up on our patients. The trust we earned, as doctors, will be reflected on the kind of patients we have. Our patients will keep coming back. They will follow-up, be compliant in our medical advice, and even refer their loved ones because they simply trust us.
ROJoson’s Notes (17feb2):
This is what we call “patient experience.”  Patient experience is defined as “The. patient’s cumulative evaluation of the journey they have. with you, starting when they first need you and based on their clinical and emotional interactions, which are shaped.”  Good and excellent patient experience begets patient engagement, patient always wanting to come back to the physician or refers other patients.
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