MESANICO’S MAR [15-05]:Observing Proper Patient Care

Indexing Title: MESANICO’S MAR [15-05]
MAR Title: Observing Proper Patient Care
Date of Medical Observation: May 2015
Tag: Patient Care Through Our Mentors’ Legacy
Category: Professional / Ethical – Reinforcement
A 31-year-old female approached me at the Out-Patient Department (OPD) one afternoon. She showed me her ultrasound result which indicated she had calculus of the gallbladder (stone within the lumen of the gallbladder) and that she had already undergone her evaluation under anesthesia almost 3 weeks ago. She was to have a laparoscopic cholecystectomy done but due to her sudden busy schedule, she was forced to postpone the said procedure. She then told me that she was now finally able to have her operation push through and that it would mean a lot to her if I could immediately schedule her. Fortunately, with the drop in our census and availability of our machine, we were able to set a date and perform the elective operation itself within one week after our conversation at the OPD. The surgery was uneventful and we had the patient up and about in less than a day. Two days later the patient was set to be discharged and advised to return to the OPD after a week. The patient was so grateful that, seeing that our ward was more vacant than the usual, promised to look for even more patients with the need for an operation and send them to our institution. We then thanked her and sent her home.
(Physical, Psychosocial, Professional / Ethical)
 (Discovery, Stimulus, Reinforcement)
 “Towards Patient Safety in Surgery. Promote customer delight. Avoid complaints at all times!” This is one of the legacies instilled in us by our mentors, the words we try to live by as we go about our training, and the mentality we want to maintain when the time comes that we would have our own practice. It constantly reminds us to put the patient above everything else, be it for our own training or for the welfare of the hospital itself. With the case at hand, we were able to observe patient safety during our operation with the aid of our consultants, who would supervise us first hand while doing the procedure, teaching and guiding us through all the necessary steps. Customer delight was very much promoted especially at the end of the procedure. Not only was she satisfied with the outcome of the operation, she was more so surprised with how fast her recovery was and how she was able to return to her work, all within a week’s time. Finally all possible complaints were completely averted, with the operation taking place in a matter of days from her most recent consult, and the ease of her queries with us, her surgery residents. When all three components are observed, absolute patient care is attained. As I continue my training as a fourth year resident of this prestigious department and institution, I plan to practice and enhance my skills even more when it comes to this aspect of patient care. Hopefully, if and when I do graduate, if I am able to treat my own patients even just half as well as we are taught by our consultants here in this hospital, only then will I be able to consider myself as a true surgeon.  
ROJoson’s Notes (17feb13):
 “Towards Patient Safety in Surgery. Promote customer delight. Avoid complaints at all times!”
The tagline of the Department of Surgery of Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center. It has worked well.
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